Windows versus linux a comparison essay

The free aspect is beneficial to the public and especially beneficial to large businesses that require installing hundreds of operating systems at a time. Getting software for free is also appealing because instead of going to the store or buying software on-line, this step can be skipped and time and money can be saved.

It is because of this that the Linux Ubuntu operating system is worth switching to and this is why so many people are already joining the Ubuntu revolution and enjoying the freedom and versatility of Ubuntu.

Also, for those who like to feel extra safe there are multiple anti-virus programs available for Ubuntu even though they are not necessarily needed. There are many similarities Windows versus linux a comparison essay Windows and Ubuntu but there are also many differences that make Ubuntu stand out.

This is not possible in Windows because copy-write laws make it illegal to modify and redistribute programs to the public, but even with these strict laws many Windows users still download pirated software because it is easy to get away with. Ubuntu includes a panel at the top of the screen with a menu, much like Windows, which is used to see programs, browse file directories, and edit system preferences.

For example, if a person wanted his or her word processing program to have a new feature, or a customized toolbar, he or she could modify the existing code and post it on the Internet to make available to the public. Perhaps one of the most popular versions of the Linux operating system is Linux Ubuntu.

Modifications like this are common in the Linux community and help the usability and quality of software grow at a very fast pace. On Ubuntu, the system files are highly protected and do not allow access to programs without the root password from the user, so the only thing that the virus can do is access the home directory called "My Documents" in Windows.

Windows is easily susceptible to viruses because it allows applications to freely access system files without authentication. Not only is the operating system free, but all of the programs available to Linux users are free as well, which means that companies can save thousands of dollars on software and focus their budget on more important areas.

It is hard to believe that Ubuntu started as a simple idea, and with the input of the community and its users, has grown into a huge project which is now capable of threatening even Microsoft! Similar to Windows, Ubuntu is an operating system which has new releases periodically that are maintained and distributed by an organization named Canonical Ltd.

Perhaps one of the most important things to know about Ubuntu and all other Linux distributions is that it is completely free and it is open-source can be modified by anyone and redistributed.

In addition to this, a user is able to add more panels to any side of the screen as well as add more features such as weather status, a battery monitor and a CPU usage meter with a few simple clicks.

The panel also shows the time and date, currently opened windows, and many more convenient applets. While most Linux distributions are for advanced computer users, Ubuntu was designed to be extremely user friendly and adaptable to the general public.

However, there is an operating system that has been around long before Windows was even created; that operating system is known as Linux. Ubuntu is a better operating system because of its adaptability, free and open-source distribution, and also its security and protection features.

This however, can be easily avoided by setting the permissions of the home directory to "read-only" from the preferences menu. Another reason why people tend to shy away from Linux is because it is hard to install programs since it has to be done manually most of the time by means of code and commands.

This is why the makers of Ubuntu have provided a visual interface that allows the user to easily find and install programs. However, contrary to many beliefs, Ubuntu "out of the box" is very similar to Windows.

However, this can lead to the main cause of what Windows users fear the most: In conclusion, Ubuntu has many feature which make it stand out from Windows, as well as many features which make it similar to Windows and easily adaptable for a Windows user.

Moreover, the open-source concept of software is mostly beneficial to the advanced user, but this also affects the general user significantly.

The interface shows a categorized list of hundreds of programs available including popularity ratings and description at the click of a button. It then downloads the selected programs from the Internet and installs them automatically.

The general user prefers a step by step, visual process such as the one used by Windows programs. Most people generally avoid Linux because they believe it will be harder to use than their current operating system.

Linux, unlike Windows, is a family of operating systems and has many variations because of its open-source capability, which means that anyone can modify the source code and create a custom operating system from it and redistribute it.

A virus is able to get into the system files and alter them to easily take over the whole computer. Getting a virus on Ubuntu is about as likely as getting hit by a car.Comparison of Linux & Windows Os Essay; A Comparison of Linux & Windows Abstract There are a number of operating systems available for personal use as well as small and large businesses.

Probably the two most popular are Linux and Windows. In order to determine what operating system best suits your needs, it’s important to know. Free Essay: Feature Comparison between Windows and Linux Introduction The basic definition of an operating system is a program that provides an interface to.

Linux and windows operating systems are software with programs and information needed to run and monitor the computer programs.

An operating system is one of the most important computer programs which a computer can not run without them. Even though they are both important for computer programs. Apr 01,  · UBUNTU vs WINDOWS comparison essay I have written an essay for my english class and would like some feedback, editing, suggestions, etc.

thanks Linux Ubuntu Beats Microsoft Windows. History and Comparison of Windows, Linux, and Apple Operating Systems Windows versus Linux Essay Words | 6 Pages. Feature Comparison between Windows and Linux Introduction The basic definition of an operating system is a program that provides an interface to interact with the computer.

It manages the computer’s. Comparison Of Windows Unix And Linux Computer Science Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: LINUX vs WINDOWS If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.

Windows versus linux a comparison essay
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