Wadi degla protectorate management system

It was a large city with great buildings and markets. The area is known for the cave system existing under the water for more than m.

Southern Nigeria Protectorate

Geological protected area and a national heritage Distance from Cairo: The existence of a lot of historical monuments "North Qaroon Lake represents cultural heritage that is utilized in Tourism. The integration of the St Katherine Protectorate management and development planning into the network of protected areas forming the South Sinai Management Sector.

It gives the researchers the chance to Wadi degla protectorate management system comparative detailed studies according to the change in the nature of the Ancient environmental circumstances that dominated the middle Eocene period.

Desert and cultural protected area Distance from Cairo: The rocks have several splits and a crossed separations, and represent a habitat for plants and animals. It has a number of environments including saline and cane swamps as well as sand plains.

It passes through the limestone rocks that had remained in the marine environment during the Eocene Epoch in the eastern desert 60 million years. The cave extends for m. The area of El-Rayan lake is a calm natural environment and free of pollution. It is the remaining part of the ancient Morris lake.

It has greenery, its soil is rich and it is a kind of pasture for animals. It is significantly rich with remains and stems of large rocky trees, taking the shape of rocks with cylindrical sections varying in dimension from a few centimeters up to several meters.

On the Lagoon shores there are high sand dunes. Al-Farafra fall crosses the white chalk layer which is a part of an obviously spread rocky unit known as the chalk unit.

The area is also distinguished with a group of water springs like Hadra spring in Wadi Ghazala and Oum Ahmed spring in Wadi Elswana, Fortaga spring in Wadi Wateer, which can be easily visited, and flow on the ground surface.

Visitors are advised to wear appropriate warm clothing if they are climbing the touristic, historic Mount Sinai at night particularly during winter. Also, ten species of snakes and lizards can be seen when at this protectorate. Wadi El- Rayan consists of the following important areas: There are some wild birds like Egyptian vulture, eagle Brearded vulture and the golden eagle on top of mountains.

The rain water dropping from the waterfalls affected the limestone rocks along the years and formed the so called canyon Degla, which resembles the Grand Canyon in the U. The area is distinguished with the beauty of the sand dunes. Natural resources[ edit ] Medicinal plants, pastoral plants, wildlife, groundwater, granite, marble, building materials, introduced fruitful trees such as palm trees, fig, olive and almond.

These valleys have important plant communities like acacia.Wadi Degla Protectorate Management System.

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Wadi Degla protectorate: By: Sameh Emil youssef Date: 20/2/ Wadi Degla is one of the important valleys which extend from east to west with a length of 30 km. It passes through the limestone rocks that had remained in the marine environment during the Eocene Epoch in the eastern desert (60 million.

The reserve is also known for the underwater cave system which lies at a depth of more than m. The system is extremely dangerous and unstable. Thus management of this area is very important to ensure the continuous flow of tourists to the place. Wadi Degla Protectorate. The Wadi Degla area in Cairo governorate was designated a.

Wadi Degla Protectorate (“wadi” means valley in Arabic) lies in the northern part of the Eastern Desert and runs east to west for 30km to drain into the Nile Valley at. samples.

From the mechanical Engineering Department; waste management lab, Mr. Mohamed Said, Mr. Ahmed, and Mr.

Saint Katherine Protectorate

Mohamed, who assisted me in preparing the molds and manufacturing composite marble samples. From materials lab, Eng. Hanady Hussien, and Mr. Hussien, for helping me in preparing and polishing of samples. 25 rows · A Prime Minister's decree defines the limits of each protected area and sets the basic.

The protectorate provides an ideal natural environment as per the ITRA guidelines. RUN DETAILS The run will take place at Wadi Degla meaning that athletes will be running over a rocky terrain with loose pebbles and inclines.

25km athletes will turn at the km point .

Wadi degla protectorate management system
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