Travel motivations for outbound tourism tourism essay

As suggested in the above figure, travel motivations relate types of tourists psychographics and types of destinations in two ways — One, the primary link in terms of tourist flow and tourist satisfaction that will follow when a visitor is guided to the befitting and felicitous type of destination.

Plog classified the U. He is characterized by a considerable degree of adventure and an enthusiasm to get as far as and experiment with life. By virtue of intensive study, Plog further revealed an interesting phenomenon.

It is also true that the knowledge of travel motivations is essential in planning advertising and other promotional strategies. An allocentric person, thus, is sociable, informal and self-confident. Again, tourists are no more homogeneous than destinations and as experiences are basically of a psychic nature, motivations for travel need to be considered by classifying people according to psychographic types.

A comprehension of the types of tourists and travel motivations of such markets will, on the one hand, enable the industry to perceive the types of environment and services to be offered at the destination, and will underlie the message content of the promotion campaign, on the other.

Having given the types of destinations and types of tourists, an explicit, direct linkage between the two classifications does not take into account the significant fact that individuals travel with diverse motivations at different times. Two, the secondary link concerns promotion, development, and marketing of tourism in appropriate target markets.

Again, Plog agrees that only a little positive correlation between middle income groups and psychographic types is indicated.

In view of the enlarging spatial and characteristic diversity among destinations, it becomes all the more significant and rather imperative to classify destinations so as to understand clearly the notions of tourism psychology and travel motivation. In other words, such a linkage warrants the consideration of each trip in isolation and an exploration of the motivations prompting the same.

In other words, it may be erroneous as well as illogical to infer that an individual belonging to the budgetary class is always likely to be psychocentric. Since the goods and services provided to tourists are really inputs to the process of producing the experience, demand for these is derived from demand for tourism as a whole.

Tourism is an intangible product i. However, such a relationship may not be that categorical i. While the people at the upper end of the income spectrum were found to be mainly allocentrics, those with the lower income levels were psychocentrics, expected to be seeking for the respective type of destinations.

For the allocentric, travel is a means to express inquisitiveness and satisfy curiosity. That is, for this category, income level and psychographics are not closely related and because of relatively higher income, people can choose the preferred type of holiday. One such model, and one of the first attempts to provide a framework within which to analyze tourist behaviour, was developed by Dr.Plog’s Psychographic Classification of Tourists and Travel Motivation are given below: Tourism is an intangible product i.e., the business of selling dreams by the providers of tourist services and purchasing experiences by the tourist.

Since the goods and services provided to tourists are really.

Travel And Tourism

Essay on Relationships Between Travel and Tourism Organisations. Words Nov 28th, inbound and outbound tourism. Domestic tourism When a tourist travels around the same country, as they live in. More about Essay on Relationships Between Travel and Tourism Organisations.

The Relationship Between Sport and Tourism. Free Essay: Motivation is a process where our need activates a selected behavior thanks to we can try to achieve our goal.

The Motivation to Travel to a Particular Tourism Destination Can Be a Result of Push" and/or "Pull" Factors.

An analysis of past studies of Chinese outbound tourist from the past six years sets up a framework. Islamic Attributes Of Destination On Tourists Motivation Tourism Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Many Muslims also appear to share the common enthusiasm for leisure travel as outbound tourism rise with growing affluence. In tourism involvement, gender differences observed elsewhere [12] are very striking in.

Plog’s Psychographic Classification of Tourists and Travel Motivation

Exploring the Impacts of Push Theory on Travel Motivations of Chinese Outbound Tourists: A Case Study in Hawaii Hua Wang, Ivan Wen, School of Travel Industry Management, University of Hawaii at Manoa, market as well as the increasingly important role that Chinese outbound tourism plays in the overall tourism industry of.

Chinese Tourists’ Travel motivations And their resultant preferred travel activities. An analysis of past studies of Chinese outbound tourist from the past six years sets up a framework of Chinese outbound tourist motivations and their resultant activities.

Travel motivations for outbound tourism tourism essay
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