The weatherman and the weather underground documentary

Weathermen Mark Rudd and Cathy Wilkerson emerge from years of hiding and surrender to the police, receiving two years of probation and three years in prison, respectively.

How did the Weathermen arrive at this point? In direct actions, dubbed JailbreaksWeather members invaded educational institutions as a means by which to recruit high school and college students.

These "criticism self-criticism" sessions also called "CSC" or "Weatherfries" were the most distressing part of life in the collective. A group led by Klonsky became known as RYM II, and the other side, RYM I, was led by Dohrn and endorsed more aggressive tactics such as direct actionas some members felt that years of nonviolent resistance had done little or nothing to stop the Vietnam War.

The latter document outlined the position of the group that would become the Weathermen. Weatherman would shove the war down their dumb, fascist throats and show them, while we were at it, how much better we were than them, both tactically and strategically, as a people. The document called for creating a clandestine revolutionary party.

During the summer ofthe National Office began to split. This consisted of a series of bombings of government and corporate targets in retaliation for specific imperialist and oppressive acts. They "set the terms for class struggle in America The younger members of the working class became the focus of the organizing effort because they felt the oppression strongly in regards to the military draft, low-wage jobs, and schooling.

Martial arts were practiced and occasional direct actions were engaged in. Subsequently, they accepted funding, training, recommendations on tactics and slogans from Cuba, and perhaps explosives as well.

A New York bank is bombed in retaliation. The most important task for us toward making the revolution, and the work our collectives should engage in, is the creation of a mass revolutionary movement, without which a clandestine revolutionary party will be impossible.

The group, while small, was able to commandeer the mantle of SDS and all of its membership lists, but with Weatherman in charge there was little or no support from local branches or members of the organization, [23] [24] and local chapters soon disbanded.

What many believed to be a government-sanctioned killing in an effort to wipe out militant groups such as the Panthers was, for the Weathermen, the final straw. Cease-fire accord in Vietnam. It was intended to make group members believe that they were, deep down, white supremacists by subjecting them to constant criticism to break them down.

This project was aimed at creating an interracial movement of the poor that would mobilize for full and fair employment or guaranteed annual income and political rights for poverty class Americans. He predicted a successful revolution, and declared that youth were moving away from passivity and apathy and toward a new high-energy culture of "repersonalization" brought about by drugs, sex, and armed revolution.

Critical of monogamy, they launched a "smash monogamy" campaign, in which couples whose affection was deemed unacceptably possessive, counterrevolutionary or even selfish were to be split apart; collectives underwent forced rotation of sex partners including allegations that some male leaders rotated women between collectives in order to sleep with them and in some cases engaged in sexual orgies.

The Weatherman national leadership agreed, as did the New York City collective. The North Vietnamese requested armed political action in order to stop the U. The belief was that these types of urban guerrilla actions would act as a catalyst for the coming revolution.

Derived from Maoist techniques, it was intended to root out racist, individualist and chauvinist tendencies within group members. At its most intense, members would be berated for up to a dozen or more hours non-stop about their flaws. I was willing to get hit over the head, I did; I was willing to go to prison, I did.

The first was to go underground, and to begin a violent, armed struggle against the state without attempting to organize or mobilize a broad swath of the public. As historian Dan Berger writes, Weather raised the question "what does it means to be a white person opposing racism and imperialism?

It is in schools that the youth of the nation become alienated from the authentic processes of learning about the world. Weather warned that other political theories, including those organizing around class interests or youth interests, were "bound to lead in a racist and chauvinist direction".

Weather Underground

These experiences led some SDS members to conclude that deep social change would not happen through community organizing and electoral politics, and that more radical and disruptive tactics were needed. And we were going to kick ass. The bomb had been intended to be set off at a dance at a local Army base.

Participation in the Venceremos Brigadea program which involved US students volunteering to work in the sugar harvest in Cuba, is highlighted as a common factor in the background of the founders of the Weather Underground, with China a secondary influence.

Jacobs condemned the "pacifism" of white middle-class American youth, a belief which he claimed they held because they were insulated from the violence which afflicted blacks and the poor.

According to Weatherman, if people tolerated the unjust actions of the state, they became complicit in those actions.(Weatherman became the "Weather Underground" when it retreated from public view.) The group staked out the most extreme-left position in a student movement that was hurtling leftward.

Although always numerically tiny, the cadre's members were charismatic, provocative, articulate, and intelligent. In THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND, former Weathermen including Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, Mark Rudd and David Gilbert speak frankly about the idealist passions and trajectories that transformed them from college activists into the FBI’s Most Wanted.

The official name of the group is Weatherman, but it was called “the Weathermen” and when members withdrew from public view, became the “Weather Underground.” The group, founded inwas a splinter organization from the group, Students for a Democratic Society.

The name comes from a song.

"Weatherman (Weather Underground Organization, WUO), ". Archived from the original on July 26, History, critics, books online Film and video. The Weather Underground". Documentary directed and produced by Sam Green, Bill Siegel and Carrie Lozano.

Underground (). Green and Siegel's contribution to this is the documentary The Weather Underground, the story of how the ultra-militant Weatherman organization grew out of the non-violent SDS.4/5().

The Weather Underground

Some of the group’s former members, interviewed in THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND, cite the murder of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark in a December Chicago police raid as a turning.

The weatherman and the weather underground documentary
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