The issue of censorship in the case of howard stern

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Several members of Congress such as Rep. BTW, I see no evidence of a consensus after reviewing the posts. Unfortunately, they are not involved with the Stern show. So it should be on their Wikipedia article rather then here.

Howard Stern and the Future of Media Censorship

He refused to pay the fines set against the company because the FCC was "not clarifying the [indecency] rules Bring in moderation, I have no problem with it. For right reasons or wrong reasons, it is a supression of it and I have cited WIkipedia itself to prove that point, but you simply ignored it and insisted that was not the case.

But that too belongs here. In the Hannity case you have Stern asking his boss to censor a co-worker. This is where it belongs and I have given the reasons. Threats are not protected, but the right to be an asshole is.

Feel free to edit the language however, I think I might have made it too biased anyways. Secondly, this has nothing to do about Freedom Of Speech.

I have actually read your entry. And Howard Stern may provide us with the test case. It has everything to do with it being relevant with the Howard Stern Show, and belonging under this page as it is a notable conflict. Which indicates, logically to me at least, this is something big.

If you continue, the only percieved recourse would be moderation. Redd Dragon talk You have not addressed either. I do think we should note that Howard has never been for Government censorship and perhaps cite the Free Speech Award he recently one.

The brutal, morally dubious teacher was replaced with a strong, stoic, and proud one, like a father who could never tell his son he loved him. References to them do not belong on the Howard Stern pages. The censorship hounds were unleashed.

It is a public forum, using public airways. Local news stations look for any kind of conflict, even if it not notable, to get their dismal ratings up. You have also say there are more important, relevant, and controversial topics, please, if you have any of those to present, that is what this talk page is for.

If I catch it, I do not stand for it, and more than once I know I can cite examples. The issue was settled and a consensus was reached long ago by ReddDragon, LilDice, and myself. So this article being notable because it somehow exposes Stern as a hypocrite is a false contention.

Lemme put it this way. Also if you know something you write is POV put it on the discussion page before you add it. It seems you are the only person that is convinced this should be here.


And please dont make everyone laugh by saying you are a Stern fan, and please spell about correctly. And even though a radio show is broadcasting to the public using public airways it is a private business operating. It was a revolution in radio. This guy just loves watching violence. It really has no consequence at all on the Howard Stern Show.

It involves another show and other DJs. Included was discussions of the sex life of show member John Melendez and talk of Sphincterine, a product for maintaining anal and genital hygiene. There is really no reasoning with you because your agenda is clear.The issue of censorship and regulation of content has always been a very subjective matter (and a matter of debate as well).

In my opinion, censorship is certainly required for all television and radio programs including screening of movies. Howard stern. King Of All Media) The FCC has been picking on Howard Stern for years.

If it turns into a major thing with Stern issuing a press conf. I think it should be noted but until then, I don't see why the show's page should be updated whenever O&A make a stink over Howard. If anything put it on the O&A page since in the context of that show it's a larger issue. The Australian media has increasingly reported on a wide-range of issues relating to forms of Internet censorship, including tracing Internet-based child pornography rings; calls to shut down racist memes[59] sites; courts ordering the removal of Facebook hate pages involving suspects of crimes; or calls to regulate bullying or offensive behaviours.

Howard then read a story from today’s The New York Post that Artie acknowledged yesterday that he attended a corporate meeting about censorship, even though Howard had insisted no such restrictions were in place.

Howard Stern and the Future of Media Censorship. And Howard Stern may provide us with the test case. He is jumping over to satellite radio with the expectation he.

Pop culture censorship is generally harmless: a series of bleeps, awkward silences, and amusing word alterations in the name of preventing Junior and Juniorette from hearing "fatherfucking cumsucking shitgobbler" until they're old enough to understand its subtle, poignant message.

The issue of censorship in the case of howard stern
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