The essential characteristics of effective teaching essay

Continue until the group reaches the last multiple of the number times 9. An effective teacher is able to pass this knowledge on to their students and use this knowledge to create a more effective learning community. But if the goals for what students should achieve stop there, then teachers may miss opportunities for providing students with a more productive learning experience.

Students will be able to complete a variety of multiplication sums no matter the unit value using a range of methods. Some examples of teaching strategies are splitting the class into ability groups which is done by Mrs Whitehouse in the following video http: Students construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world and their surroundings, through experiencing and then reflecting on those experiences.

Were the teaching strategies used appropriate for the content being taught? The content which the teacher covers is extremely important for the students learning and evaluation, teachers need to cover certain content to keep their students on par with students in the same year level all around Australia.

Teaching is an extremely important job and it is vital that teachers are able to execute these essential teaching characteristics towards the students learning.

An effective constructivist teacher gets students to use active learning techniques like experiments and real-world problem solving to produce more knowledge and then reflect on it and talk about what they are doing and how their understanding is changing.

Get students to pair up and give each other one sum which they must complete using the grid method. Explain- The teacher should explain what is to be learnt.

Accurately use the grid method to answer multiplication sums and have a basic understanding on using the two digit by two digit method to answer multiplication sums.

The objective is the focus point of the lesson plan and is determined by what content is being taught. When evaluating the students an effective teacher evaluates the students understanding of the curriculum, their ability when applying the content covered by the curriculum and their ability to work not only as an individual but as part of a group.

There are four levels of content these are the curriculum area that the lesson is based on, the particular strand within that curriculum area, and the specific topic for the lesson and the actual content of the lesson Whitton et al.

The Essential Characteristics of Effective Teaching

It is important for the teacher to have each lesson planned out before entering the classroom so that the students are able to get the most out of the lesson and the predetermined goals for the lesson are achieved.

All of the times tables are learnt throughout primary school. Break down the example and show the students how the method works. When effective teacher evaluates the curriculum content they access the suitability of the information and reflect on if the resources complement the content.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Effective teaching requires teachers to have knowledge, planning skills and evaluating abilities.

Explore- The teacher should investigate new areas of learning and get the students active in their personal learning. Main Body of the lesson 50 Minutes Draw on the The essential characteristics of effective teaching essay an example of the two digit by two digit method.

The first student says 1, the next student says 2, and so on. Cengage Learning Merlot Pedagogy retrieved from- http: Engage- The teacher needs to get the students motivated and excited for the lesson. When allocating time the teacher should consider not only what day of the week the lesson is being taught but what time of the day the lesson is taking place and the breakdown within the lesson for each activity.

Lessons from research and practice. Killen, Effective teaching strategies: There is a 60 minute mathematic lesson taking place on the 10th of October at 1. In the classroom, the constructivist view of learning can lead towards numerous and varied teaching practices.

ACARA provides teachers with outlined descriptors that must be completed by each year level for each subject covered in that year, e. When students come across something new, they have to merge it with their previous ideas and understandings, sometimes changing what they believe and sometimes deciding that the new information is irrelevant.

An effective teacher is able to determine all these goals and objectives and plan the lesson accordingly. Ask individual students to explain step by step how to execute the grid method. Effective teaching allows students with varied ability to learn, by using different teaching strategies teachers give every student a chance to be involved and progress.

Students will be able to determine which method they find easiest to use and will be able to use this method with their multiplication in future. Teachers can use teaching strategies to not only pass on knowledge but to motivate, build confidence and help can help teachers find out there students individual learning needs.

Evaluation within the teaching process can be broken down into three parts, evaluating the students, evaluating the curriculum information and evaluating the teaching. An effective teacher makes sure she understands the students pre-existing ideas, and guides the activity to cover them and then build on them.

In order to achieve this, teachers must incorporate certain characteristics into their teaching methods such as planning, knowledge, evaluation and constructivism to become effective. Effective teaching require the teacher to be able to take on new ideas and learning concepts such a constructivism in teaching and uses these concepts to create a more effective learning environment for their students.

Discussion Strategies- Involving students in a discussion increases their learning, motivation and confidence by pushing them to develop their own opinions.The essential characteristics of effective teaching There is no doubt that teachers play a critical part in a student’s school experience and learning.

Teachers, who have the ability to motivate, encourage and understand their students and their individual circumstances can provide a positive school experience, and can contribute to student’s success in later life. The meaning of the word effective is: “adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result” (Dictionary.

com, ). There are a great many and varied characteristics that make for effective teaching. Effective Meetings - Essential to Any Organization Essay.

While effective meetings are essential to any organization and to getting work done, most of the meetings I attend leave me looking for a decision. These meetings also leave me tired and somewhat disillusioned on the vision of the company.

The Essential Characteristics of Effective Teaching Essay Sample

The Essential Characteristics of Effective Teaching Word count: Essential Characteristics of teaching include having the skills and ability to plan a lesson, to manage a classroom, to give the children the time to learn collaboratively and for the teacher to have knowledge of the topic and be able to provide the knowledge in a way the children will learn and gain the desired knowledge.

What are the Essential Characteristics of an Effective Leade essaysWhat Are the Essential Characteristics of an Effective Leader? Leadership qualities are ones that people envy and respect. There are certain characteristics that set these unique.

The Essential Characteristics of Effective Teaching Essay THE ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF EFFECTIVE TEACHING What distinguishes a good teacher from a great teacher? Traditionally, a teacher was defined as an educator who instructed students in a classroom.

The essential characteristics of effective teaching essay
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