Sqa art and design standard grade essay

Marks should be awarded for the quality of the writing, and not deducted for errors or omissions. Reasonable assistance may be given on a generic basis to a class or group of candidates, for example, advice on how to find information for a discursive essay.

The Department has to collect evidence of work completed and the level of that work to make sure that the candidate is keeping good pace and is on target to reach their expected attainment level.

For submission we require a minimum of 10 A1 sheets for the Mandatory Unit and a maximum of If these internal elements — outlined below — are not complete on time to the appropriate level the candidate cannot gain an overall award.

It is acceptable for your teacher to provide: Although much Advanced Higher work is very individual and not teacher led we need to give guidance on the quantity, quality and framework of the course.

Technical Accuracy Consistent technical accuracy is a requirement for a mark of 8 or above. It may be possible to write a further piece or redraft an essay between the prelim and the folio submission in April This is your final copy which is submitted to the SQA free of any additional comment.

Discursive writing, or other types of writing which use sources, should have them listed in a bibliography at the end.

It may also be given to candidates on an individual basis. Word Length The written texts must be no longer than 1, words at N5 level or 1, words at Higher. The link below may be helpful to stimulate thinking and planning for discursive writing: Writing does not have to be perfect to gain full marks.

There are no restrictions on the resources to which you may have access, for example, spellcheckers and dictionaries. If unsure on how to do this check out: This would go beyond reasonable assistance.

This piece of work will usually be word processed and because of the use of ICT the expectation is that it will be free from any frequent errors or regular misspellings. Full marks can be achieved in a shorter piece, if appropriate to purpose.

To help with time management the Art Department sets internal deadlines as well as adhering to those set by the SQA. If both the Optional and Mandatory Units are practical 24 sheets is the Maximum expected. Your teachers are told that reasonable assistance may be provided prior to the formal assessment process taking place.

In line with school policy we work with parents to help students get the most out of our courses. Sources Any direct quotations from source material used in discursive writing must be clearly acknowledged by the use of quotation marks.

Candidates will be instructed to record their word count excluding footnotes and any references. So if homework is late and deadlines are missed we let parents know so pupils, teachers and parents can all manage progress together. Consistent technical accuracy means that few errors will be present: You will be required to sign a folio flyleaf cover stating whether you have used sources, whether you have declared them properly and that the writing is your own.

The final writing of both texts will be conducted under some supervision and control. You should probably use 12 point.

This means that, for each candidate response, marks are accumulated for the demonstration of relevant skills, knowledge and understanding: This planning stage will be kept by the school and will be used to evidence that the final submission is your own work.

Critiques establish if the candidate has made enough progress to pass the internal elements of the course and to set targets. Assessment Each writing piece is assessed as a mark between 0 and There will be strengths and weaknesses in every piece of writing; assessment should focus as far as possible on the strengths, taking account of weaknesses only when they significantly detract from the overall performance.Understanding Standards website.

The purpose of the website is to provide teachers with an opportunity to develop their understanding of the standards of assessment as they are applied by the SQA examination teams. The following presentations were delivered at CPD events for National 3, National 4, National 5 and Higher Art and Design Courses.

They can be used by Nominees to help pass on information to colleagues in their school, college or local authority. SQA provide a wide range of subjects ranging from Accounting to English to Media Studies. Remember to revise all your notes and essay materials for the SQA Exam.

Adv. Higher

Higher - part B questions (history of Art and Design are worth 20 marks) - it is a good idea to answer these questions first - as they are worth most marks, then answer the 10 mark Critical picture questions. and 40 Marks (Int2) are almost a quarter of your final grade!

Standard Grade Art and Design Optional 1 CA + ½ TA The S3/S4 course is divided into 3 parts: Expressive Design Related Critical Studies. N5 and Higher Writing Folio Resources. The folio is worth 30% of your final grade: this means you have a seriously good opportunity to do well by putting time and effort into your folio.

For the final folio you will need to submit one essay from Group A and one from group B. Group A: broadly creative a personal essay a reflective essay.

Sqa art and design standard grade essay
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