Parallel writing activities

Yesterday we watched a movie, played video games and made pizza. Not parallel On his day off, he did this, this and did that. Not Parallel The tour guide said they would view sea lions, they would hunt seashells and could photograph the wildlife.

Joe likes running, walking and outdoor activities.

Parallel Structure Examples

Ensure each item is in the same voice. Some examples of this include: Embed this image to your site: We enjoy relaxing and sitting out in the sun.

Parallel Joel packed sneakers, sweatpants and three pairs of socks. It keeps your writing balanced and makes it easier to read. Parallel parallel writing activities should be used with infinitives.

Examples of parallel structure include multiple gerunds or —ing verbals that function as nouns, past participles, infinitive phrases to be and complete clauses that include a subject and predicate. Parallel Structure in Verb Tense Keep in mind that parallel structure should be used when it comes to verb tense.

Parallel structure should be used when you connect clauses with a coordinating conjunction such as: She likes dancing and to sing songs. Some examples of clauses using parallel structure are: Mary wanted to make sure she made her presentation creatively, effectively and persuaded others.

Be consistent and use parallel structure with words that end in -ing. Never mix and match when using parallel structure to create a list or series.

Mary likes to go hiking, to go biking and to go running.

Not Parallel Sam is responsible for stocking merchandise, writing orders for delivery, and sales of computers. She likes to dance and to sing songs.

Exercise 1

Parallel Sam is responsible for stocking merchandise, writing orders for delivery, and selling computers. Ashley likes to ski, to swim and jump ropes. Single words, multi-word phrases and clauses can be made parallel by ensuring each item is equal.

With a coordinating conjunction such as and, but, or, nor, yet With a pair of correlative conjunctions such as either. The following activities can be done at the mall: However, many native speakers and ESL learners are left wondering what parallel structure is, and how can this technique be used in everyday writing?

Parallel Mother could not persuade me that giving is as much a joy as receiving. Parallel At Lincoln High School, vandalism can result in suspension or even expulsion from school.

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Buy this poster Parallel structure is an important element of proper writing. Some examples of parallel structure with infinitives:Parallel structure is an important element of proper writing. Words, phrases and clauses should all be parallel when linked together in a series or connected with coordinating conjunctions.

Combinations and patterns of words should all agree with the subject. Parallelism. Read the following passage. Correct any errors in parallelism that you find. Remember, non-parallel things are typically grammatically correct, but making things parallel will improve your writing style. parallelism to strengthen the relationship among sentences.

Here parallel sentence openings and participial clauses link examples: Writing is a rigorous activity. This lesson aims to make one of these rules, parallel structure, a little less daunting to students by providing teachers with parallel structure activities for classroom use.

Parallel Structure

Parallelism in Action. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Math Lib In this activity, students will generate pieces to a story as they move throughout ten stations. They will practice identifying parallel and perpendicular equations, and practice writing equations passing through a certain point that are parallel or perpend.

Parallelism makes your writing pleasing, enjoyable, and correct - and with this presentation, parallelism is within your grasp. These are four classic activities used for instructing upper elementary electricians. The first involves experimenting with the Van de Graaff generator.

In this writing with parallel structure worksheet.

Parallel writing activities
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