Is celebrity obsession destroying our society

And tempting as it is to blame the advertisers, the people we should really blame are ourselves. Post Comment You must be logged in to post a comment. Instead of caring about them, be a celebrity in your community.

When the financial crisis hit Britain inmany commentators predicted that it would end our dependence on consumerist fantasies. More than ever, according to the campaigning journalist Jeremy Seabrook, we have become slaves to materialism.

But the facts tell a different story.

Why we’re so obsessed with reality shows

With iPhones, iPads and PlayStations flying off the shelves, the days of cheap stocking-fillers are long gone. But too much distraction from school and too much obsession with celebs can lead to poor grades.

But as Dickens reminds us, there is always a chance for us to change our ways, to rediscover the real spirit of the festive season and to relearn the great virtues of community, fellowship and self-discipline. Share or comment on this article: Toward the end of their set, the lead singer started throwing all sorts of items into the crowd.

There are bad role models. When singer Chris Brown assaulted his girlfriend and singer Rhianna before the Grammy Awards show in February, he faced more than legal ramifications.

Instead of spending more time consuming news, information, and assessing the terrain that they are facing on every day, Black people spend more time engaged in that which is foolish and against nurturing their better selves, he said.

Richard and Mayumi Heene, with their children, are accused of engaging in the Balloon Boy hoax. I was in the pit. One thing that gets me mad is this magazine called People, yet it shows only celebrities! The Ludacris Foundation is dedicated to helping youth and families in need.

MGN Online He was referring to the NBC late night talk show host, who admitted to having affairs with several staff members after a producer allegedly threatened to extort money from him.

Essay contest: Are we too obsessed with celebrities?

A celebrity is someone who can compare himself or herself to the average person and relate to the situations that they go through. Yet with Christmas at hand and shop shelves groaning under the weight of merchandise, I believe we should all stop and take a long look at the moral void behind the baubles and gadgets we have come to take for granted.

My opinion is that people wish they had the "celebrity life," a life where they can have anything they could ever want, fame throughout the world and the most expensive things money can buy.

Once these magazines hit the shelves, everyday people will hastily snatch them up at grocery stores, gas stations, or when a person is very anxious about celebrities, at their home when they receive their prized Us Weekly or People the next morning.

This is where the "obsession of celebrity" can have a drastic negative effect. Pinterest Revealing the news to Sowetan, Eastern Cape musician Zahara said she has been working with Ferguson Films on her own reality show. We do not need a ghost to show us our future; it is all around us, from the mobs in our shopping centres to the forgotten pensioners in their retirement homes.

The real cause for concern, however, is more ethical than economic. They make an easy object of obsession, as celebrities are ubiquitous. She says some people watch them to escape, whereas some watch because they want to follow the lives of their idols.

Now what passes for news can seem like a never ending deluge of gossip, paparazzi pics, rumors, sexual titillation and petty beefs overblown into major conflicts. Many high-minded liberals are all too keen to sneer at the everyday pleasures that brighten the lives of those less privileged, just as upper-class intellectuals once sneered at things like television, fitted carpets and central heating.

He is optimistic that confronting these realities and contradictions can produce a more honest discussion about how to make mothers, fathers, pastors, preachers and teachers more admirable and highly sought out in communities.

Authorities accuse his parents of engaging in a hoax. Celebrities are everywhere and there is no way of escaping them. Every person has a different reason to like these "role models.

CNN and others provided live coverage when it was said the boy may have been trapped in a moving flying saucer-shaped hot air balloon.Are we too obsessed with celebrities?

celebrity obsession

Letters to the Editor (January – February issue) especially in the Los Angeles area. So does America need to focus this attention somewhere else? Is our society, dare I say, obsessed with pop culture?

My answer happens to be an uncertain yes and no. This is where the "obsession of celebrity. Dec 08,  · But there is also an unhealthy pursuit of celebrity status and success that can take a huge toll on families, individuals, society and the stars themselves, say experts. From what we gather is that the society put celebrity’s life as benchmark for what a good life should look like – celebrities are put on a pedestal and they are our modern day god.

Other than that, we learn about what makes a star bankable – their good looks. It’s as if we want them to be perfect but once they are associated with a scandal we embark on destroying their reputation and character.

Obsession with materialism destroying communities, friendship and self-discipline

attention only when it benefits them? Before we can answer the above questions, would we, furthermore, can we live our life as a celebrity if given the opportunity?

Obsession is one of society’s. Celebrity obsession syndrome is a serious concern for the society in modern times. In this paper we will describe celebrity syndrome is not good thing for individuals and as a whole for the society.

Media plays a big role in our everyday lives. " Perhaps our obsession with celebrity culture is an all too human trait, or maybe it is an indicator of the impending collapse of our society. Either way, our obsession is nothing new and isn't going anywhere.

Is celebrity obsession destroying our society
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