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I think too many people are hung up on pigment ink, and are sacrificing the enjoyment of seeing the added pop possible only from a dye print. Please only order prints from us if you own the copyright or have approval from the copyright owner! You do not need to add bleed to the size of the print, but the printer will crop in ever so slightly, maybe mm all the way around so do not put any text or design elements within a quarter inch of the edges to be safe.

Luster paper does not show finger prints as much as glossy. It is the most common choice for general images. If however your selling prints in a mall frame shop, craft shows, etc The results were vastly different. Do you offer sizes other than 8x10? Most of us either have a long way to go to get there, and the rest of us are more interested in selling at craft shows, etc.

If you are ordering a bunch of 8x10s of one file, we will look at it and tweak it as needed before printing. Mostly this is Priority Mail which is normally days to anywhere in the US. Think how many framed pictures people buy, and Ultrachrome is hot, but only because dye had a bad rap, but both pigments and dyes have vastly improved and will keep getting better.

Your images should ideally by ppi as an 8x10, which is x Which is better - Glossy or Luster Finish? Can you keep my images on file so I can reorder via email? Dye inks also last up to 2. Yes, but usually only through our main lab, ProLabPrints.

Add the cost of a Condit film registration unit, the extra work If the print has more pop, the better your sales. I think that some mfrs have pushed the longevity envelope too far, too quickly.Figure 1 shows the Fuji paper test site, and Figure 2 show representative test results.

Fig 1: The Fixture for the Fuji Paper Tests Showing the Location of the Fujifilm Prescale ® Fig 2: Fuji Paper Test Results for Four Different Graft Techniques. Photographic Paper Fujifilm original photo paper enhances the value of every photo.

It will become a one of a kind item keeping it's intense and brilliant colours for a very long time - A true "original".

Mt. Fuji, Japan

Get your top quality Fuji and Carbon pressure sensitive paper at Feltest - your professional provider of pressure sensitive film. - Get your quote now at Feltest.

on Paper or Memory card? Industrial recorders are widely used to record process values such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, level, and concentration in various industrial plants.

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Fuji Electric provides mm and mm width color inkjet recorders, and paperless recorders which stores data in memory card. Fuji Crystal DP II is Fujicolor’s leading photo paper for gallery prints.

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This photo paper has an extremely wide color gamut, and is non-fade for at least 75 years. It is available with a matte, glossy, silk, or velvet surface. Like Litmus paper, the color intensity of the film is directly related to the amount of pressure applied to it. The greater the pressure, the more intense the color.

NOTE: Common misspellings of Fujifilm Prescale ® include.

Fuji paper
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