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This will help us confirm that our logic is correct. This would be considered net backward energy, and is a prevalent scenario in group settings among most fields of work, health care quality improvement being no exception.

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Checking off all the right boxes is not synonymous with making a difference, nor does it keep your team relevant. How can we involve our partners is developing and tracking measures?

And, too often, we do this at the cost of developing real-time metrics to inform quality improvement cycles PDSA or whichever variant you prefer. Keep on measuring, friends. Certainly these are important things to consider and resolve; the trick is not to perseverate on them to the point of getting stuck.

How can we use performance measures to make real-time tweaks to the program? Demonstrating short-term and intermediate improvement will help build our business case. Allow me to first contribute to the backward energy: I fear that getting by solely on meeting the contract requirements might soon become an obsolete notion.

Many of us have trained ourselves to keep our eyes on the prize of these traditional accountability measures. Given two contractually successful and otherwise equal programs, the one that filled in the logical gaps with improvement data has the stronger business case.

The contract actually does require us to track short-term measures, but the language is too vague. So let me hit you with some forward energy: Lately, this comes to mind whenever I find myself in the midst of a debate about how to prioritize real-time performance measurement within the context of meeting the contractual requirements of a large-scale health care quality improvement initiative.

This will distract us from actually doing work. We need to stay within the contract. Net forward energy exists only when we consciously fix our attention on developing opportunities, building capacity, and envisioning methods — both small and large — that would advance progress toward the our goals.

The key here would be to attain a substantive majority of forward, positive energy, not to completely eliminate backward, negative energy that would be impossible, right?Friday, October 5,marks the third annual Energy Efficiency Day, #EEDAY, which showcases the benefits, methods, and successes of efficiency programs across the nation.

Energy Efficiency Day is recognized by a network of efficiency advocates throughout the industry, including government agencies, scientists, utility companies.

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Net forward energy

Mar 21,  · There's an emerging concept from the world of leadership and group dynamics known as the "net forward energy ratio." Put down your junior physicist hat for just a second and think of it as simply an interplay between two opposing forces - limitations vs.

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Forward energy
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