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Such reiteration makes even more sense when we recognize that students may test into an intermediate language class based on general fluency even though they may be missing critical basic concepts.

Though paragraph and essay models are plentiful, to my regret they are far too heavily weighted toward first person narratives. The Paragraph, begins by reviewing a basic paragraph and proceeds to a discussion of how to write a three paragraph essay.

Even so, navigating the text would be much easier if letters as well as numbers were used. In particular, the authors devote only three pages to thesis statements, whereas students need extensive opportunities, ideally at intervals, to practice them.

For example, the narrative unit introduces time adverbs and time clauses while the comparison and contrast unit details the use of appropriate connector words. Each unit guides the student through the structured writing process with plenty of full colour illustrations, examples, and exercises to engage the student and build confidence.

Numerous exercises as well as steps are also sequentially numbered, though at each level of numbering the font size is reduced. This chapter nicely scaffolds the review of paragraph basics including giving students the opportunity to practice both identifying and writing topic sentences.

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The text does a good job of introducing these language issues in suitable contexts. To me, by far the most glaring weakness of this textbook may be viewed as a strength by others. Some of these assignments are quite broad. Heavily favoring first person essay models suggests that narrative writings are the most essential and common type of writing students will do in their academic careers.

Please use the PDF version of this article for citations. Because overgeneralization is one of the topics the authors discuss, it is surprising they chose a sample essay that included this type of error. Though it is impossible to include everything in a text and please everybody, it would be nice to see some of these fundamentals woven throughout the text, as students often struggle with them for a long time.

Lastly, there is one sentence, on p. One notable and effective feature is Editing Your Writing part 4 in each unit.

First the student encounters Unit 1, then Part 1. The HTML version contains no page numbers. In later units, the authors cover familiar but important territory such as simple and compound sentences, how to identify and correct run-on sentences, adverbs of frequency, and connectors.

Online Grammar Practice encourages practice beyond the classroom, allowing students to make up classes missed. In each instance, the authors present a challenging language issue, such as dependent and independent clauses, followed by a few exercises that move from identifying the structure, to producing it in a guided exercise, to editing a paragraph.

Moreover, unlike many other books, they manage to maintain their focus on the intermediate student and do not wander ahead of the appropriate developmental stage.

New Introductory Level ensures that the course provides a complete step-by-step writing process, guiding and refining writing skills, from sentence level to researched essay Digital Resources help students structure and refine their writing Timed Writing Practice prepares students for success on high-stakes tests Each unit features a structured writing task supported by authentic texts, writing models, and skill presentations to guide students to a successful result NEW e-books with interactive features designed for language learning Beschreibung Building on the success of the first edition, Effective Academic Writing, Second Edition is now a four-level practical skills course with a new Introductory Level, more academic content, a colourful design, and digital resources for teachers and students.

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In terms of organization, the book is quite confusing because numbers are overused. This is where the instructor must step in to guide students in narrowing down the possibilities for an essay. Each unit also provides specific writing assignments.


All the more reason to edit out obviously incorrect phrasing.Effective Academic Writing 2 helpfully fills that important space between paragraphs and full length essays. Designed to introduce intermediate students to three and four paragraph essays, each chapter of Effective Academic Writing 2 is divided into five parts.

Essay -- Authorship -- Problems, exercises, etc. Report writing -- Problems, exercises, etc. Effective academic writing 2: the short essay / Alice Savage, Patricia Mayer.

- Version details - Trove. Effective Academic Writing 2: The Short Essay, is the second level of a new academic writing series. The series teaches the writing modes and rhetorical devices students need to succeed in academic work. Grammar presentation and practice are correlated to the Grammar Sense series.

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Effective Academic Writing 2: The Short Essay

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Effective academic writing 2 short essay
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