Dissertations in peace studies

Building and Burning Bridges: Defining Critical Feminist Justpeace: But, please, do not entrust your academic reputation to a random agency. Land, Deprivation and State il legitimacy in the secessionist discourse of the Mombasa Republican Council in Coastal region of Kenya The politics of indigeniety in post - genocide Rwanda: These homegrown modernities were typified by the most prominent volunteer and autonomous transnational movement in Eastern Europe during state-socialism — the constructed international language Esperanto.

For mother reports, the model fit the data relatively well with significant indirect links between maternal warmth, adolescent rule-breaking and adolescent self-disclosure all mediated by maternal trustand a direct significant relation between adolescent self-concealment and adolescent self-disclosure.

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All classes are taught in English and the students regularly come from all corners of the world. The dissertation draws from data collected on local peacebuilding efforts before and after the signing of the peace accords as well as analysis of the first ten months of implementation.

When Christian theologians and ethicists have considered the relationship, they have tended to collapse the dialectic, privileging one principle or the other.

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Challenges to Journalistic Autonomy in Contemporary Somalia Strategies for economic and social survival: I analyze four sites of practical reasoning—dilemmas related ritual, pluralism, law, and charisma—and in doing so describe the complex ways in which SOAW activists deploy considerations of faithfulness and effectiveness as they discern how to engage politically.

The dissertation concludes with a return to the grounded realities of the communities, who once enacted peace amidst war on the local level in invisibility but in actively engaged in multi-level and multi-level peace processes. A case study on understanding the role of the Angolan Comparison between Christian and colonial policies in northern Nigeria: I conclude by relating this account of monotheism to the scapegoat-divinity of Christ and its relevance to the concerns of intolerance, democracy, and pluralism today--using the social theory of Chantal Mouffee as a source for patient, democratic agonism amidst contending visions of justice.

MSc African Studies Dissertation

Examine the progress of transformation in South African rugby since unification in ; and what are the prospects for the future?

A case study of the integration of ready-to-use therapeutic food in the fight against childhood malnutrition in Malawi The Making of Post-Colonial Order: Conquest paid, and controlling territory meant reaping its benefits. To fill this gap, I created an original dataset identifying forty-two military occupations, and collecting data on 32 variables.

Despite these emerging norms and the process of decolonization, military occupation continues to be an important international issue. Drawing from Butler, I describe transformation in terms of socio-political power, psychic processes, and practices of critical inquiry. My dissertation examines how and when Islam became salient in U.

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The programme also entails the opportunity for a one-semester long internship, where you can gain valuable practical experience.Oct 25,  · Research thesis topics of students in the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at The University of Sydney, Australia.

ProQuest database providing the electronic equivalent of Dissertation Abstracts International. Beginning with the first U.S.

dissertation inrepresents the work of authors from North American and European universities on a full range of academic subjects.

PhD Student Dissertations

Indexes and provides access to Georgetown-authored theses and dissertations. Requirements for a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies This programme is usually completed within three years.

A PhD thesis should not exceedwords and must be a thorough, comprehensive and original study of a topic or issue which makes a significant contribution to the knowledge of the particular field.

The University of Notre Dame's Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies is one of the world's leading centers for the study of the causes of violent conflict and strategies for sustainable peace. MSc African Studies Dissertation. Dissertation Titles. MSc African Studies students are required to write a dissertation of not more than 15, words.

Past dissertations are available for consultation in the Terence Ranger Reading Room at the African Studies Centre. Killing the news and keeping the peace: The Case of Kenya.

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Dissertations in peace studies
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