An introduction to the issue of child labour a real problem in todays society

Laws that are meant to protect children from hazardous labour are ineffective and not implemented correctly. In the past, the research agenda has been determined predominantly by pragmatic needs in the development and delivery of treatment and prevention services rather than by theoretical paradigms, a process that facilitates short-term studies of specialized research priorities but impedes the development of a well-organized, coherent body of scientific knowledge that can contribute over time to understanding fundamental principles and issues.

There shall be no forced labour even for children between the age of 14 years to 18 years; and whenever a child above the age of 14 years is forced to work, it has to be treated as an offence under Section IPC and it is to be dealt with sternly.

Social Issues in Today's Society

At the same time, due diligence is required in effective implementation of child labour legislation. This boy is just one example of the over 12 million child labourers in India, according to the national census, who are exploited by industries, institutions, and landlords.

Unemployment, Illiteracy, and Low standard of living. A multidisciplinary approach is needed to work on the quality of a working child, and therefore, as health care personnel, we should begin to reflect and work collectively to combat this issue.

There are many causes behind the beggary problem in India.

child labor

Last, but not the least, parents should change the thoughts of dowry from their mind and children should stand against their family for doing this.

This law is also rarely enforced because of the practical necessities of the many rural families living in the country. Caste system is also a danger towards the National integration of the country. Sadly, as shown in the previous examples child labor is currently something hard to avoid despite many laws in countries around the world prohibiting it.

Measures that can be taken: They both are the cause and effect of each other. There are many superstitions prevailing in the country.

He was forced to sleep in a small room with 18 other boys, and once nightfall came, nobody could leave the room. Watching any stuff like murder, violence, etc. The causes, effects and solutions for the social problem of child marriage are given below: Wherever the officers fail or neglect to take effective action immediately, apart from taking necessary disciplinary action, action can also be taken, in appropriate cases, under Section IPC against such officers.

Child labour is a system of involving children in any economic activity. However, awareness has to be created to stop the sati practice completely.

Moreover, nurses and other health care providers can undertake further research on the health impact of child labour. Sati System in itself is an inhuman practice. Illiteracy and poverty stays side-by-side.

Child Labor

The causes behind the Sati system are: Government officials, judges, legislators, social service personnel, child welfare advocates, and others make hundreds of crucial decisions each day about the lives and futures of child victims and their offenders.

The National Academies Press. The roles of culture, ethnic values, and economic factors pervade the development of parenting practices and family dynamics.

Child Labour: A Serious Social Issue

India is sadly the home to the largest number of child labourers in the world.To raise awareness, community health nurses and other health care providers should write about and publicize the issue of protection of children’s rights, and influence the media to portray various aspects of child labour, as television and media are an essential part of the society’s life today.

CHILD LABOUR: AN INTRODUCTION. The idea of human rights has existed as natural rights - the idea that people "Socio-Economic Dimensions of Child Labour: Issues and Policy Options", in S N Tripathi, (ed.), Child Labour in India: Issues and Policy Options, (Discovery Publication, New The problem of child labour was replicated in the long.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child. State of the World's Children annual publications examines key issues about children. A report on the State of the World's Children, focused on Child Labor, for example; Casa Alianza, a South American-based group helping street kids.

OneWorld Guides to: Child Rights and the section on war. in the countryside (Boyden ). Because much of child labor is either in the informal sector or illegal, there is a lack of accurate data on this subject. Further quantification is necessary in order to learn more about this problem.

The lack of enforcement of labor restrictions perpetuates child labor. This is manifested in different ways. Introduction to Issues in Labor Markets: Unions, Discrimination, Immigration by Rice University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International License, except where otherwise noted.

Social Issues in India. Introduction: Social issues (also social problem, social evil, and social conflict) refers to any undesirable condition that is opposed either by the whole society or by a section of the society.

It is an unwanted social condition, often objectionable, the continuance of which is harmful for the society.

An introduction to the issue of child labour a real problem in todays society
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