An argument in favor of video games as work of arts

Video Games are an art form.

This differenciates video games from standard art forms, for video games allow the user to change and interact with the game, but standatd art forms do not allow the observer to change or interact with the art form.

At this time they often find themselves in the conflict with the surrounding world and experience a lot of negative emotions. And afterwards, when they have to pay for the consequences of their actions, they cannot understand what they have done wrong.

As for the observation of a game, the same ideals that are put into a movie could just as easily be put into a video game. In an open letter to the American Psychological Association APA published ina group of more than psychology experts petitioned the APA to re-examine its resolution that "all violence be reduced in video games and interactive media marketed to children and youth" [source: Should they regard it as a temporary interest and let it be, or should they forbid the game?

Other industries are more philanthropic; other industry leaders make fortunes, leave, and then donate to charity. They often confuse the two concepts, thus believing that what it acceptable in virtual world would be also fine in the real one.

But as we all know, all forms of art have their less then appreciated side to them.

Answering the 10 arguments against games

I like your argument about the perspective of the painting, but that does not go as far as to decide how the observer inteprets the painting, as does the game creator force the gamer to interpret the game.

However, you may also consider an option of ordering professional essay writing services from Star-Writers. I stand in firm resolution that video games are not forms of art, and thus urge the voters to vote Con.

By throwing all of the aspects of art in one package, it disallows video games to be a form of art. Bogost was more critical of the industry: Games should be regarded as games, which must be playing sparingly.

If you do not interpret the video game in the sense that the video game created sought it to be, i. Give their argument and support it with examples, facts or other evidence; Paragraph 3: You will be able to read all of them if you follow Star-Writers blog.

The prices are very moderate that even a student can afford our services. When I brought up this point, I was not refering to the numbers of creators.

A series of picture played in the mind in a certain order that recalls the event. Art, level design, audio, and additional programming was provided by independent studios PagodaWest Games and Headcannon.

Easily combated, Capps argued. I mean big budget games that get press and people think of as video games. Also, the goals of a video game force the gamer to interpret it the way the creator wishes. A vast majority of the global population believes that playing video games can positively influence the lives of those who favor them, while others strongly disagree.

Apart from the ethics, overexposure to violent video leads to the development of bad conflict resolution skills.

Are video games art: the debate that shouldn't be

The researchers looked at the behaviors of such U. After playing, the students completed a task in which they could either help or hurt another student. And one study, published in the "Journal of Youth and Adolescence," found the behaviors of "at risk" kids to be unaffected by playing violent video games.

Most parents, for instance, know which games their children are playing and were involved in the original purchases. In the film critic Roger Ebert made himself a few thousand internet enemies by declaring that games can never be art.

Do violent video games lead to real violence?

As of earlyan APA task force was still looking into the matter.Are Video Games Art?The argument of video games being considered art is not an old one. Only in recent years have we seen people adamantly An argumentative report focusing on the hot-button issue of whether or not video games are art.

Video Violence: Arguments Against the "Evidence" - For more video game violence information and information on related topics, check out these links.

Scientific proof aside, you won't find many people in favor of children (or adults, for that matter) playing pretend murder for hours a day.

How does the light gun for a video game work. These games feature visual imagery and sounds that are strikingly realistic, and in the near future video-game graphics may be virtually indistinguishable from actual video footage. Many of the games already on the market can produce high definition images, and it is predicted that it will not be long before video-game images will be seen in.

Argumentative Essay Sample: Children and Video Games. In: Free Samples July 20th, Should children be allowed to play violent video games? of forbidding such video games, they must provide enough alternative, such as travelling, time outside, family board games, movies, reading, arts and sports.

Order Argumentative Essay Online. - Video Games: Assassin Simulations Video game violence has been a wildly debated topic since the beginnings of the industry. The topic evolved from the debate on media violence or violence in print media.

However, the video game debate brings a new angle. Video games, because of their immersive nature, are said to have more impact on.

Oct 13,  · Visitors look at a demonstration of the video game SimCity () during an exhibition preview featuring 14 video games acquired by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, March 1, The MoMA acquired 14 video games entering its collection as part of an ongoing research on interaction design.

An argument in favor of video games as work of arts
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