An analysis of the report on cranberry growing and the northland cranberries inc

We believe our current relationships with our employees, both union and non-union, are good. We protect the confidentiality of these formulations by requiring co-packers to enter into confidentiality agreements with us. Northland planned to close down or sell its bottling plant in Bridgeton, New Jersey.

Agricultural Operations We own or operate 20 cranberry marshes and approximately 1, planted acres in Wisconsin as of November 25, Town of Carlisle, Massachusetts.

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As of November 17,we had approximately full-time employees. In Eau Claire, Michigan, we own a 79, square foot storage facility and distribution center. Difficult Conditions in the Late s and After As a result of all its increased business, sales climbed markedly, more than doubling between and Cranberries we use to make our juice and other cranberry products are cleaned, sorted and stored in freezer facilities around the country, including the owned 62, square foot freezer facility in Wisconsin Rapids or at independent freezer facilities, until they are sent to our processing plant or contract processor.

We had previously, in fiscalsold the office building to another party. We purchase and expect to continue to purchase most of our fertilizer and pesticides from our subsidiary, Wildhawk, Inc. The committee was established in as a Federal Marketing Order to ensure a stable, orderly supply of good quality product.

We own asquare foot receiving station and fresh fruit packaging facility in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

The company hoped to follow a five-year plan that would leave it a worldwide cranberry growing and marketing entity, close on the heels of Ocean Spray. The Consolidated Financial Statements and related notes have been restated for the three and nine months ended May 31, andwhere applicable to reflect the branded juice business as a discontinued operation.

The facility totalssquare feet, including 40, square feet of production area, 53, square feet of dry warehouse, 17, square feet of freezer space and 21, square feet of cooler and bulk tank storage area.

Leaving the bank, he consolidated the five partnerships as a publicly traded company, incorporated as Northland Cranberries, Inc.

John Swendrowski forms company out of group of limited partnerships. Retrieved 5 May Research[ edit ] Urinary tract infections[ edit ] A comprehensive review in of available research concluded there is no evidence that cranberry juice or cranberry extract as tablets or capsules are effective in preventing urinary tract infections UTIs.

That agreement covers approximately 29 employees and is effective through January 1, plants and significant market acquisitions, Northland Cranberries, Inc. became the largest grower of cranberries in the world, operating 25 cranberry growing properties in the central and northern parts of Wisconsin and four in the state of Massachusetts.

In mid, Northland announced it was ending its exclusive relationship with Ocean Spray. Northland Cranberries, Inc.

is the world's largest cranberry grower and a major cranberry processor and marketer. It owns 25 cranberry marshes, principally in its home state of Wisconsin.

It also owns cranberry growing properties in Massachusetts and in Canada. NORTHLAND CRANBERRIES INC /WI/ Annual Report (K) PART I.

About EDGAR Online | Login: Dashboard; Today; Company; Industry PART I Special Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements We currently own and operate a processing facility located in the heart of the Wisconsin cranberry growing area in Wisconsin Rapids.

northland cranberries inc /wi/ quarterly report (q) notes to condensed consolidated financial statements.

The Cranberry Industry at the Crossroads Ocean Spray Cranberries in In late February, Northland Cranberries, Inc.

(NCI) made an $ million offer to acquire growing number of producers that had invested in more in land so as to have greater production.

Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc in Health and Wellness

Source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, Cranberries Report. The Premium Ocean Spray Cranberries Company Report contains critical information including: Revenue from previous years ( to present) Ocean Spray Cranberries's revenues are gauged from an analysis of company filings.

Ocean Spray Cranberries's Income Statement (based on Industry Averages) Cranberry extract sold as an .

An analysis of the report on cranberry growing and the northland cranberries inc
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